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Old 2009.03.01, 09:58 PM   #1
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Default Godai Natsuko post-2000 covers

Hi All! I havent forgotten about you guys, and I still listen to Ringo daily... I have just been busy with other endeavors.

I have most all of the originals for the songs Ringo has covered as I am an avid collector of those kinds of things. Some time ago, I came across a CD of what I believe is Godai Natsuko covering both "Minatomachi Juusan Banchi" AND "Kurumaya San" on the same disc. Whats more is that I know for sure it was released after 2000. I have heard versions of both of these songs covered by Godai Natsuko from before 2000 and these are definitely more recent recordings than those.

But I have a problem...

Before a hard drive crash I had all the data that went along with the CD, including the title, date and track listing (and Disc 1 of the set). Now, all I have is the CD Title (possibly mislabeled as) "Godai Natsuko - Hibari" and tracks labelled "Godai Natsuko disc 2 - track 01.mp3", etc.

I would like to fill in the data on the disc but my web extensive searches have turned up empty. Maybe someone here can search in Kanji and get better results. I tried searching for her name and both tracks, tried searching for discographies and pouring over them, tried searching for tracks with the track numbers in front of them (in quotes)... nothing worked... Its as if that CD doesnt exist.

I can give you a couple of hints if you decide to take this challenge. Both the tracks are on disc 2, Minatomachi Juusan Banchi is track 03, and Kurumaya San is track 06. I'm pretty sure the release year was 2003 or 2005, but it could be any year from 2000 to 2006.

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kuro_neko puts considerable thought into their posts

I did some quick research for you utilizing google japanese and japanese and what I came up with based on a chinese forum listing and her official site's discography is that that album is called

"natsuko no michi"~godai natsuko 10th anniversary album~ (godainatsuko juunenkinen arubamu)

CD: SRCL-3680~1
casette: SRTL-1998~9


(its nine down on the right side, it is the one with the 10 in the title and the cover is green)

based on your hint it has to be this cd because not only was it a two disc set, both songs you mentioned were on the second disc in the correct track 3 and track 6 order. so there you are
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Thank You so much! ...and such a fast response!

I wish I had come to you in the first place... it would have saved me hours of time on more than one occasion.

It appears it was released much earlier than I had thought. I had assumed she had decided to re-re-make one or both of those songs as a result of Ringo having popularizing them, but it appears that was not the case. I doubt Ringo covered them because Godai Natsuko had done so. Knowing Ringo's respect for Misora Hibari, it was much more likely a direct tribute. Of course, the same is probably true of Natsuko, and it was probably silly of me to think she was influenced by Ringo in the first place. It just shows how highly I think of Ringo. I am biased in that way.

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Old 2009.03.03, 03:54 AM   #4
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I remember on a radio program tribute to Ray Charles,
commentator said "When he came to Japan, Japanese
musican played with him looks so miserable.
There were huge presence gap. If we choose person
to match him, we can nothing but bring Misora Hibari
from grave."
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i've been looking for the original artist too but gave up due to the kanji hurdle. so far I have cd's of the western artists she's covered, but not the japanese ones.

Natsuko is hot even as an old lady. Cougarlicious!
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Originally Posted by ShadyNook View Post
Natsuko is hot even as an old lady.
Yellow Fever confirmed.
Quarantine initiated.
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